Designing and sketching is an important part of any small or big industrial sector. These days you can give each minute detail that a project will contain. It has been a long time that CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) has come into play. All the designs these days are created on the digital platform. This has broken the boundaries of limitations that were there in any designing work. CAD is also time-saving.

2D designs were created on paper in the olden days for any sort of planning. It was good but required a great of artistic skills. But in the modern days with the development of technology, there is a lot of enhancement designing.


2D Drawings: Two for one


2D drawings have not been thrashed out with the advent of 3D CAD modeling. 2D drafting still features a very prominent place amongst the economic product designers, and that they have their own reasons for it. 2D is that the best choice once you face tight deadlines. The designs are to be developed for one component or one part. Basic geometries are easy to generate in 2D CAD sketching tools and are quick.


They are intriguing when the drawings don't need any functionalities of 3D and need less space. A designer of any skill set can easily work with 2D CAD and nearly any desktop will support 2D drafting. For simple usage, engineers still use 2D drafts for fabrication drawings, plans, elevation, sectional drawings, and workplace drawings for fabrication. In fact, it is quite surprising that approximately 30% of engineering design firms and design engineers still use paper to design the initial sketch. Then they resort to 2D CAD for digitization. Despite these benefits, there are a few drawbacks of using 2D.

Designing for Business Requirements

Designing has got to play a major role in animation. There is a big requirement for 2D and 3D animation in these sectors. There are so many characters that are created using 3D designing. All the special effects and animation are computer-generated. Graphics help you create attractive content. These days every industry has to create attractive content for marketing purposes. An experienced and professional firm involved in designing is a requirement for every business. Even big companies are hiring graphic designers to create creative content for various purposes.  



Services under 2D and 3D designing:

  • 2D and 3D design for posters, advertisements, events, props, etc.

  • Designs for social media, business pages, websites, etc.

  • Animation (2D & 3D) for games and movies

  • Video creation for promos and ads

  • Architecture, mapping, and other designing projects.